Skoda Rapid Spaceback consumes only 3.8 liters of fuel

Skoda has released yet another car that offers a lot for less money. In addition, the Rapid Spaceback modification looks modern, can have pampering such as a tinted panoramic roof and steps along the road, like the Audi A3 - uncompromisingly, in German and without any deviations from the “set course”.

The fifth version of the Skoda Rapid is located above the Fabia, but below the Octavia. To be attractively priced, the Spaceback model uses the previous, time-tested platform on which the Golf, Audi A3 and Octavia are built.

The Czechs call this Rapid liftback due to the fact that the tailgate opens up along with the rear window. It turned out something in between a station wagon and a hatchback.

Skoda Rapid
A rich range of engines: 4 petrol and 2 diesel engines ranging from 75 to 122 hp. gives a choice. The most economical version of the GreenLine with a 1.6 TDI diesel engine with 90 hp. travels 100 km with 3.8 liters of fuel.

TSI petrol engines with direct injection and turbocharging can easily drive a compact and light Czech car. In the most powerful version 1.4 TSI with 122 hp. Torque is transmitted to the front axle via a state-of-the-art 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission. The same gearbox is installed in models of the premium brand Audi. 122 sedan, 7 gears, top speed of 204 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 9.4 seconds, and a combined consumption of 5.8 liters should be enough for every seated person.

Converting to a Spaceback takes 18 cm from the length of the Rapid, but this does not affect the interior space for passengers, since the wheelbase remains unchanged. There's plenty of room up front and more rear passengers than any other compact model. The trunk also has more volume than other cars in the segment. 415 liters holds the cargo compartment under a large cover. When removing the backs, the luggage compartment acquires serious dimensions - 1380 liters.

The model looks even more modern with the optional Style package, which adds a non-opening panoramic glass roof, black mirrors, an extended black trunk lid spoiler and fog lights that follow the cornering angle. Tinted glass on the panoramic roof flows into the trunk lid. The glass panorama roof can optionally be combined with an extended rear window, which is an additional accent in the design. Glass tinting - from the front to the end of the rear and the entire panoramic ceiling.

There are also some improvements to the Rapid's interior such as more trim, a new steering wheel and improved upholstery. Practical is the presence of an ice scraper on the inside of the tank door, a trash can in the pocket of the driver's door, a double-sided insole for the trunk floor, cup holders and phones, a windshield parking ticket holder, a reflective vest folded under the front seat.

Pampers such as xenon headlights, navigation, cruise control, and leather packages are also available. You won't find add-ons like adaptive suspension, LED lights or automatic parking assistant here.

The new Rapid Spaceback offers a double-bottom rack as an option, allowing the trunk to be divided into two horizontal levels for greater convenience. And when you're making the most of boot space, the double floor can be easily moved to the lower position.

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